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At Oriel Windows & Doors in Red Deer, we carry all types of windows and doors to fit your home’s need. We have everything from casement, awning, and single hung windows to steel doors and fibreglass doors for your entry way and sliding glass doors for your patio. Our team has experience fitting replacement sealed units and has worked numerous renovation projects throughout the Red Deer and Central Alberta area providing door and window installation. Take a look at some of the window and door products and services we provide below.

Vinyl Windows Series

Vinyl Window Systems provide our customers the premium quality, superior performance, ease of operation, and minimum maintenance. The natural insulation of 100% vinyl frames built with a multi chambered profile returns immediate savings of energy costs.

Our vinyl windows are available in a large selection of standard sizes and configurations. For replacement windows, custom sizes can be made to fit existing openings, eliminating the need for costly alterations.

Casement & Awning Windows

Casement windows are designed for high energy efficiency and maximum directional air flow control. Premium quality hardware, which opens a full 90° to allow for ease of cleaning from the interior of the home, ensures smooth operation and maximum security.

Awning windows provide passive air circulation while shielding the opening from light rain or snow. Three point weather-stripping and double sash locks ensure a firm seal against drafts and reduced heat loss.

Slider & Single Hung Windows

Slider and Single Hung Window Systems provide outstanding performance at an affordable price, making them ideal for budget conscious renovations and new construction projects.

Single Hung Window Systems are designed for high energy efficiency and easy maintenance. Heavy-duty sash balances provide durability and fingertip ease of operation.

Superior weather-tight seal and smooth operation characterize the Horizontal Slider Window Systems. The snap-in track combined with dual-tandem rollers on the sash ensures easy opening and closing.

Entrance & Garden Doors

Entrance and Garden Door Systems combine attractive styling with all the best features of energy efficiency, security, ease of maintenance, and lasting durability.

The strength and durability of our premium quality steel and fiberglass doors from Masonite provide an attractive and easy to maintain finish that will not warp, crack, or peel. A solid core of polyurethane foam within a continuous wood thermal break ensures outstanding thermal performance and added stability. Lock reinforcement blocks and a factory installed security strike plate reinforce the door system at the lock location to protect against forced entry.

Premium quality compression weather-stripping seals out cold, moisture, dust, and drafts. A durable non-slip aluminum clad sill with an adjustable PVC thermal break eliminates frost transfer and ensures a tight seal against the door sweep.

High-Definition Steel Doors

The rich, decorative panel profile of Masonite HD (High Definition) Steel Door adds a touch of style and distinction and more closely replicates the appearance of a high-end wood door.

  • Primed white surface (finishing required)
  • High-definition panel profile
  • Wide design selection, including the new 1 panel and 2 panel camber
  • 6'8" and 8'0" heights
  • Wood-edge construction
  • 24-Gauge, galvanized, primed steel facings
  • 5 Year limited warranty

Fibreglass Doors

The Belleville Fiberglass Entry Door Collection from Masonite demonstrates superior beauty and architectural design with maximum flexibility. Belleville's new high-definition panel profile reflects authentic wood door beauty and design.

All designs are offered with a new exceptional wood-grain texture providing an authentic hardwood door appearance which is paintable and stainable.

  • Textured wood-grain surface
  • New authentic hardwood texture in oak
  • Very ornate, high-definition panel profile
  • Compatible with most of decorative door lights
  • Traditional and unique panel configuration
  • Wide selection of 8'0" doors
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Vinyl Patio Door Systems combine attractive styling with superior energy efficiency, ease of operation, and lasting durability.

The natural insulation of 100% vinyl frames, built with a thick multi-chambered profile that creates insulating pockets of air, returns immediate savings in energy bills and provides maximum strength and rigidity.

We offer two series of the sliding vinyl patio doors, slim line VistaGlide Patio Door series and wide profile Imagine Patio Door series that resemble a traditional French door.

VistaGlide Patio Doors

VistaGlide redefines industry standards for sliding patio doors. Ease of operation, leading performance, and maintenance free finish establishes the slim line patio door as a value leader. Precision formed frames have effective interlocking rails for security and air tightness. The multi-chambered insulating vinyl profiles provide maximum resistance to heat and cold transfer, while the multi-perimeter weather seals form a positive seal between frame and sashes.

  • Continuous weather-stripping system
  • Smooth and easy panel operation - the result of two tandem rollers riding on polished anodized aluminum sill track
  • Sill drainage slots allow for fast and effective drainage of water
  • Strong dual-point provides extra security
  • Galvanized steel reinforced meeting rail
  • Heavy duty screen with extruded aluminum frame and adjustable steel ball bearing rollers
  • 20 Years limited warranty

Imagine Patio Doors

Unique in its class with its wide profiles, the Imagine sliding door resembles a traditional French door. Its sliding door uses up less space than a garden door in a home. The Imagine sliding door is maintenance free, no painting is required and is offered in a wide range of options, such as Low-E glass and in-glass grills.

The high quality material used in its fabrication allows the Imagine door to withstand harsh weather conditions, impact, corrosion, peeling, and yellowing.

  • A white double point handle - highly secure with a good grip is standard on all doors
  • All PVC sills are on an angle for better drainage
  • The sill and the frame have many air chambers for increased energy efficiency
  • Integrated screen track insures the best functioning
  • Solid ball bearing rollers for a smooth operation
  • The weather-stripping is integrated in the sill for better waterproofing and easy operation of the sliding panel
  • 20 Years limited warranty

Sealed Units

Oriel Windows & Doors supply and fit replacement sealed units when your old units have been damaged or are performing low. Call for more detail.

Renovation & Installation

At Oriel Windows & Doors, we install what we supply. Our team also has experience handling a wide number of renovation projects and can offer solid advice and quality workmanship. Whether you’re simply updating your windows to more energy efficient models or plan on adding an enclosed patio to your home and want to fit it with sliding glass doors, our renovation team is ready to help.

Our Suppliers

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